We Can Do It…If Rosie Says So!

We can do it...if Rosie says so! But wait a second! Who is Rosie and what is it that we can do? Let's first reflect back to 1882, when the first Labor Day celebration occurred. Labor Day is a holiday that honors the American labor movement, which was the development of the labor union who … Continue reading We Can Do It…If Rosie Says So!


Brooks Ghost 7 Review

The Brooks Ghost 7 were the shoes that a local running store picked for me, after measuring my feet and observing my gait on the store's treadmill. They did not feel too comfortable as I tried them out in the store. I bought them anyway because a) the other shoes that I tried on were even … Continue reading Brooks Ghost 7 Review

Misty Copeland Makes History

32-year-old Misty Copeland becomes first Black principal dancer at one of three top ballet companies in the world! 1982:  Born in Kansas City, Missouri. 1995: Takes first ballet class at the late age of 13 at Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro, California. 1997: Earned full scholarship to San Francisco's Ballet Summer Intensive Program. 2000: Earned … Continue reading Misty Copeland Makes History