Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

I fell a little behind on my kickboxing posts. I did, however, get a little more creative with the video for this one, which (hopefully) makes up for the wait! Without further adieu, here is... Combo 3 of Summer Meltdown Triple Step Forward, Back Kick Triple Step Backward, Front Knee Repeater Back Kick to Front … Continue reading Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

HIIT the Beach: 4-minute Cardio Workout!

Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds. Push Ups for 10 seconds. Jump/Plyo Squats for 20 seconds. (Traditional) Squats for 10 seconds. High Knees for 20 seconds. Sumo Squats for 10 seconds. Switch/Plyo Lunges for 20 seconds. Alternating Lunges for 10 seconds. Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds. Plank for 10 seconds. Crunches for 20 seconds. V-Sit for … Continue reading HIIT the Beach: 4-minute Cardio Workout!