Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

I fell a little behind on my kickboxing posts. I did, however, get a little more creative with the video for this one, which (hopefully) makes up for the wait! Without further adieu, here is... Combo 3 of Summer Meltdown Triple Step Forward, Back Kick Triple Step Backward, Front Knee Repeater Back Kick to Front … Continue reading Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

Cheap Thrills | Cardio Kickboxing

C'mon! C'mon! Turn the radio on and try this cardio kickboxing routine! Combo 2 of Summer Meltdown! Jab, Cross, Double Jab High Blocks and Low Blocks Squats with Speed Bag Pop Squats Subscribe to my blog. | Follow me on the gram. | Write to me.