Progress and Regress

You may or may not have heard that changing the amount of weight and reps of a particular exercise gives you different types of benefits. For instance, light weight and high reps are better for "toning", while heavier weight with lower reps helps build more muscle mass. However, those are just a couple of ways that you … Continue reading Progress and Regress

25 Days of Squats

‘Tis the season to squat! Enjoy a new squat variation each day of your 25 days of Christmas. Follow me as I complete this holiday squat challenge on Instagram . Have fun and happy holidays! 🙂 Day 1 Pop Squat Day 2 Frog Jump Squat Day 3 Goblet Squat Day 4 Split Squat Day 5 Bosu Ball Squat Day … Continue reading 25 Days of Squats