Happy 8th Birthday, Batman!

Monday was my big boy's 8th birthday! Batman has grown to be such a big cat. In fact, sometimes I call him my tiger. According to Purina, he's 48 in cat years! He no longer terrifies me by biting my feet in the middle of the night, yet is still playful and will catch his rattling … Continue reading Happy 8th Birthday, Batman!

Cat of the Day: Oliver

Happy Whisker Wednesday! Meet Oliver, a playful, tuxedo cat from London. His Meowjesty is king to the beautiful Queen Nubia, who was featured last week! Follow the King and Queen's daily adventures at Katzenworld and on IG @katzenworldblog Enter your cat to be the next Cat of the Day!

Cat of the Day: Nubia

Happy Whisker Wednesday! Meet Nubia, an English lady who is queen to her castle in London. She shares her humble abode with her beloved king, Oliver. Follow the Queen and King's mischief on Katzenworld and on IG @katzenworldblog. Enter your cat to be the next Cat of the Day!