365 Reps for Katsized’s Anniversary

It was only last year that I started this blog to help guide others to a fitter lifestyle. Hopefully, my readers have found my fitness articles helpful and entertaining! There will be much more to come! To celebrate one year in the making, I have for you a 365 rep workout. Time your workout, thenContinue reading “365 Reps for Katsized’s Anniversary”

Water vs Sports Drinks vs Chocolate Milk! What is the best drink after a workout?

What is the best drink after a workout? We all know that our bodies need water to survive, but does water lack what other drinks may have to offer after a workout?

“22 Things Happy People Do Differently” Article Review

Chiara Fucarina is a contributing writer at Life’d.com With over 13,000 Facebook “likes”, hundreds of Tweets, Pins, and shares among other social networks, “22 Things Happy People Do Differently” has grown to be a popular article. The author describes happiness as not something that is achieved through material possessions, fame, or fortune, rather, it isContinue reading ““22 Things Happy People Do Differently” Article Review”

Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Fitness Class

As a group fitness instructor, I am expected to simultaneously please anywhere from 3 – 50 participants on a daily basis. It’s only natural that not everyone will share the same expectations.

Fitness, Luxury, and South Beach

First of all, I hope that all of the mothers had a special mother’s day! I have no children…two cats…does that count? ^_^ I started my day off by teaching my usual Sunday morning class