Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

I fell a little behind on my kickboxing posts. I did, however, get a little more creative with the video for this one, which (hopefully) makes up for the wait! Without further adieu, here is... Combo 3 of Summer Meltdown Triple Step Forward, Back Kick Triple Step Backward, Front Knee Repeater Back Kick to Front … Continue reading Be Right There | Cardio Kickboxing

January Jumpstart: Tabata Training (Vol. III)

January is almost over! How have you guys been keeping up with your workout plans? If you've missed the first half of this series, Tabata Training (Vol. I) and Tabata Training (Vol. II), you can still join in and go back to the older posts at any time! Tabata is a fast, effective way to boost your metabolism and … Continue reading January Jumpstart: Tabata Training (Vol. III)