How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!

Just like that a new year is among us! Rather than getting into the cliched new year’s resolutions with you guys, I’d like to share what my top goals are for this year in different areas. ūüėČ Career & Education: Acquire another specialty certification. I currently specialize in Boot Camp Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, Group ResistanceContinue reading “How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!”

Celebrate YOU

You’re awesome, and you know it!¬†You’re so self-disciplined that you eat well 99.9% of the time and workout religiously. You take¬†good care of yourself.¬†Your physique is so on point that you’re practically a distraction to the rest of the gym. You’re charming, likeable, high-maintenance. You will only settle for the best car, friends just asContinue reading “Celebrate YOU”

The Football Connection

Football?! F√ļtbol?! Soccer?! Call it what you will, the¬†sport brings various cultures across the WORLD¬†together! Is there any wonder why there’s more than one name for it?