You’ve Lost Weight!

Confessions of a Fitness Professional Behind the smile and motivational cues, lies a trainer who is fed up with your you-know-what. Chapter Four: You've Lost Weight! Day One Me: (Wears long pants). Client: Day Two Me: (Wears long pants). Client: Day Three Me: (Wears shorts). Client: You've lost weight!!! Don’t be that guy. Weight loss … Continue reading You’ve Lost Weight!

Skip the Resolution!

If every year you make a resolution that you never fulfill, I challenge you to skip the resolution this year. Yes, that's right - no New Year's Resolution! Skip the "I'm going to lose ten pounds", "I'm going to give up ice cream", "I'm going to run everyday!" While these resolutions may sound positive, they … Continue reading Skip the Resolution!

How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!

Just like that a new year is among us! Rather than getting into the cliched new year's resolutions with you guys, I'd like to share what my top goals are for this year in different areas. 😉 Career & Education: Acquire another specialty certification. I currently specialize in Boot Camp Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, Group Resistance … Continue reading How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!

January Jumpstart: Tabata Training (Vol. III)

January is almost over! How have you guys been keeping up with your workout plans? If you've missed the first half of this series, Tabata Training (Vol. I) and Tabata Training (Vol. II), you can still join in and go back to the older posts at any time! Tabata is a fast, effective way to boost your metabolism and … Continue reading January Jumpstart: Tabata Training (Vol. III)