Armed and Ready: Dumbbell Workout

Tone up your arms with these¬†7 dumbbell exercises! Lateral Raise Slowly extend arms out to your sides, pause once dumbbells reach shoulder height, then slowly lower back down. *Keep elbows slightly bent. (Target: Shoulders) Lateral Raise with External Rotation Curl dumbbells halfway up, slowly raise elbows out to sides to shoulder height, pull dumbbells back … Continue reading Armed and Ready: Dumbbell Workout

Banish Back Fat with The Oscar Dress Workout!

Last night The Oscars was filled with stars in gorgeous, strapless gowns... Stunning, aren't they? Let's face it. There's no hiding back fat in a strapless gown! If you want to go strapless (and pashmina free), continue reading below¬†and¬†wave goodbye to¬†back fat! Instructions: Start with your choice of cardio,¬†follow with 1. Inverted Rows, 2. Bent … Continue reading Banish Back Fat with The Oscar Dress Workout!