Honor Our Veterans 5K

This past Veteran's Day, I participated in the final race of the Go Run Holiday Race Trilogy 2018. It was one of three holiday races for the year: 4th of July 5K, Labor Day 5K, and Honor Our Veterans 5K. For every race, each competitor received a medal that connects (by magnet) to form one … Continue reading Honor Our Veterans 5K


Progress Check

Checking for progress is essential in attaining any long-term goal. It may be career-related, fitness-related, relationship-related, etc. It really doesn't matter what area it's in, I believe that checking for signs of improvement can benefit your outcome! In January, as most do, I set personal goals for the year. Now that I've made it halfway … Continue reading Progress Check

How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!

Just like that a new year is among us! Rather than getting into the cliched new year's resolutions with you guys, I'd like to share what my top goals are for this year in different areas. 😉 Career & Education: Acquire another specialty certification. I currently specialize in Boot Camp Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, Group Resistance … Continue reading How I Plan to Make This Year Happy!