25 Days of Squats

‘Tis the season to squat! Enjoy a new squat variation each day of your 25 days of Christmas. Follow me as I complete this holiday squat challenge on Instagram . Have fun and happy holidays! 🙂 Day 1 Pop Squat Day 2 Frog Jump Squat Day 3 Goblet Squat Day 4 Split Squat Day 5 Bosu Ball Squat Day … Continue reading 25 Days of Squats

365 Reps for Katsized’s Anniversary

It was only last year that I started this blog to help guide others to a fitter lifestyle. Hopefully, my readers have found my fitness articles helpful and entertaining! There will be much more to come! To celebrate one year in the making, I have for you a 365 rep workout. Time your workout, then … Continue reading 365 Reps for Katsized’s Anniversary