Kontrol | Step Aerobics

Summer vacation doesn't mean time off from exercise! Take Kontrol of your fitness with Step Combo 5 of Summer Meltdown! Lateral Lunges - single, single, double Double Chest Pop, Side Step Heel Touches - in, out, Side Hop Shuffle, Strut, Pivot Turn, Strut Over-the-top, Turn Step [ Keeping Up With Kat ]


Despacito | Step Aerobics

Burn it up, then cool it down, despacito! Wind down with Combo 4 of Summer Meltdown! Salsa, Pivot Turn Corner Mambo, Chassé Repeater Knee Tap, Tap, Cha-cha-cha [ Keeping Up With Kat ]

Lush Life | Step Aerobics

Happy Independence Day, America! As we Step right into Combo 2 of Summer Meltdown, I hope that you all are having fun...all night, all summer! Mambo Double Knee Knee Straddle Over-the-Top Reversed Turn [ Keeping Up With Kat ]