Should You Really Be Stretching?

I've been getting asked the same question from many of my group fitness participants after class, "How do I stretch this?" as they point to an area on their body. While they may know that stretching is good for them, they may not know when it's good for them! When do you need to stretch? … Continue reading Should You Really Be Stretching?

A Response to Cyberbullying

It's unfortunate that there are people in this world who thrive on putting others down. The better you become, the more haters you attract. These people constantly criticize others and often fail to take their own advice. Now-a-days, with social media, it's convenient for people to say whatever they please as they hide behind a computer. While the first … Continue reading A Response to Cyberbullying

Muscle Pain vs Muscle Strain

It’s important to establish the difference between the painful sensations that you may experience with working out. While there is pain present with strains, there is not necessarily a strain present with all pain. For example, pain can be soreness. Feeling sore after a day or two from your workout is perfectly normal. However, if you … Continue reading Muscle Pain vs Muscle Strain

6 Signs That You Should Stop Exercising

When to Stop It is normal to feel some discomfort and fatigue when exercising, as well as, muscle soreness the following day(s). However, if you experience any of the symptoms listed below, discontinue your workout and seek medical attention: Chest pain. Extended shortness of breath. Dizziness or lightheadedness. Excessive swelling. Irregular heartbeat (palpitations). Cramping pains.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Fitness Class

As a group fitness instructor, I am expected to simultaneously please anywhere from 3 - 50 participants on a daily basis. It's only natural that not everyone will share the same expectations. Some people will love and appreciate what you do, while others will constantly critique your every move. I've recently taken over some classes … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Fitness Class