Resolution Resuscitation

Every year, when January 1st comes around, we make resolutions for ourselves. Very few of us stick to them, while most of us tend to fall off track. As we slip into the final weeks of January, you might want to take a moment to ask yourself how far you've gotten with your resolution? Last … Continue reading Resolution Resuscitation


17 Tips for a Fit 2017

Happy New Year! In no particular order, I've listed 17 fit tips to help bring in a healthy, prosperous new year! Happy reading and don't be afraid to ask me any questions or leave a comment below. Cross train to see best results! If you're a runner, add a couple days of weight training to your … Continue reading 17 Tips for a Fit 2017

A Response to Cyberbullying

It's unfortunate that there are people in this world who thrive on putting others down. The better you become, the more haters you attract. These people constantly criticize others and often fail to take their own advice. Now-a-days, with social media, it's convenient for people to say whatever they please as they hide behind a computer. While the first … Continue reading A Response to Cyberbullying