Glide Through Your Workout!

Glide through your workout with a pair of gliding discs! Not to be confused with your dog's frisbee, these discs can be used for a low-impact, total body workout. Gliders can take your body through its full range of motion, toning your muscles and improving stability. Hit play below to see me demonstrate my favorite …


3 Bosu Moves

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Bosu ball?! Okay, okay. Bad joke, since Bosu balls don't fly. Nevertheless, it is a strange-looking object at first sight. It may be even a little intimidating to some. So if you've been avoiding this odd contraption at your gym because you are unsure of how to …

Kontrol | Step Aerobics

Summer vacation doesn't mean time off from exercise! Take Kontrol of your fitness with Step Combo 5 of Summer Meltdown! Lateral Lunges - single, single, double Double Chest Pop, Side Step Heel Touches - in, out, Side Hop Shuffle, Strut, Pivot Turn, Strut Over-the-top, Turn Step [ Keeping Up With Kat ]