I’m Kat from the magic city, Miami, FL! [Hashtag] I live where you vacation! Aside from keeping active with my workouts, I enjoy listening to live bands, dining at new restaurants, watching cute, animal videos online, soaking in lavender, bubble baths, and writing about fitness and personal endeavors. I like reading the book before the movie comes out – “No two persons ever read the same book,” Edmund Wilson. On the contrary, I like math because it is sound and never changes.

How I Got Into Fitness:Kat

I grew up as a dancer, having taken ballet, modern, and jazz classes for over 10 years, although I don’t fit the typical dancer’s personality. Among those years, I also competed nationally with my cheerleading squad and participated in my school’s track and swimming teams. With an interest in fitness as well as how things work (AKA science), I went on to study Health Sciences at Florida International University.

At the beginning of my college years, I went through a major lifestyle change, leaving dancing and sports behind while I focused on school. It didn’t take long until I started gaining fat, losing muscle and worst of all, lacking energy. I found myself living a life that wasn’t meant to be mine.

I made the decision to turn my lifestyle back around by starting an exercise regimen at the gym. It wasn’t long before I began to see change. Not only did my body start to lean out, I was improving my strength, endurance, and flexibility, which I lost from being inactive for all of those years. After several months of hard work, I was fit once again! I felt like I’ve regained apart of my life that was missing!

With a little bit of a confidence boost from my gym buddies, I started training to become a fitness instructor. Before I knew it, I was teaching group fitness classes, and later became certified in personal training.

Closing Remarks:

It hasn’t been a straightforward journey for me, but as they say, “A smooth sail never made a skillful sailor.” Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to drop a comment below!


Be fit, live well,

Kat, AFAA-NASM Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer, Writer & Creator of KatSized




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16 thoughts on “Bio

    1. Hi Percell, thanks for visiting my site. I checked out yours as well, and you seem to be very accomplished. It shows that you enjoy your profession. Looking forward to seeing more. Take care, Kat


  1. You sound great! I honestly hope to one day be as accomplished in fitness as you are starting with getting personal-training certified. (One day. *fingers crossed*) I’m glad you’re so happy doing what you’re doing, and it just makes me love the fitness profession even more, because it’s full of motivated and motivational people like yourself.

    Pura vida!

    – Katelyn


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