You’ve Lost Weight!

Confessions of a Fitness Professional

Behind the smile and motivational cues, lies a trainer who is fed up with your you-know-what.

Chapter Four: You’ve Lost Weight!

Day One

Me: (Wears long pants).


Day Two

Me: (Wears long pants).


Day Three

Me: (Wears shorts).

Client: You’ve lost weight!!!

Don’t be that guy.

Weight loss isn’t everyone’s goal. I hadn’t lost any weight. As a matter of fact, my body composition on the day that the client said I’d lost weight had been the same for a very long time. The only thing that changed was that my client saw my legs for the first time. Therefore, I believe that she mistook my muscle for fat.

Don’t be so eager to comment on someone’s body, even if you believe that you are paying them a compliment. We shouldn’t assume that every woman who works out wants to lose weight, or that every trainer is in it for the looks. Unless the person is a close family member, B.F.F., posting progress pics online, or asking for your opinion directly, it may be best to keep comments to yourself.

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