My Knee Hurts!

Confessions of a Fitness Professional

Behind the smile and motivational cues, lies a trainer who is fed up with your you-know-what.

Chapter Two: My Knee Hurts!

Day One

Client: (Arrives late). My knee hurts.

Me: Have you previously injured your knee?

Client: Yea.

Me: Have you seen a doctor about it?

Client: Yea, it’s just that I’m not warmed up.

Me: I have to continue with class, but take it easy and try this modification for now.

Day Two

Client: (Arrives late). My knee hurts.

Me: Well, you missed the warm-up again.

Client: I know. I couldn’t leave any sooner.

Me: Okay, just stick to the modification.

Day Three

Client: (Arrives late). My knee hurts.

Me: Why aren’t you doing the modification that I showed you?

Client: 😮

Day Four

Client: (Arrives late). My knee hurts.

Me: I’m sorry, but I have to continue with the class. Let’s talk after.

Client: 😮

(Class Ends).

Me: I understand if you can’t make it on time —

Client: I really couldn’t. I tried.

Me: Okay, then you are responsible for your own warm-up.

Client: 😮

Me: And I think that you should go back to your doctor.

Client: I was supposed to do physical therapy, but I was able to strengthen my knee with the classes.

Me: I’m glad that your leg feels stronger, but I’d follow doctor’s orders anyway.

Day Five

Client: (Arrives late). My knee hurts.

Don’t be that guy.

I cannot catch you up. A warm-up is apart of every group fitness class because it prepares the body for what’s to come, whether that be strength, cardio, or a combination. Without an adequate warm-up, performance suffers and risk for injury increases. It is your personal responsibility to arrive on time to receive important instructions and properly warm-up for the class. I have to be considerate of all class participants and keep the class moving forward.
There are no shortcuts. A Primary Care Physician may refer patients to a Physical Therapist who is qualified to treat certain injuries. A group fitness class is not a substitute for physical therapy. Once you have been cleared by a doctor, trainers/instructors can then work with you to help you become fitter.

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