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Goodbye, Panthers!

Dear FIU Family,

I’ve had great times at Florida International University – Wellness and Recreation Center. I’m so proud of the community of dedicated patrons who have made my PantherFit classes enjoyable and memorable, and my personal clients who I’ve built close relationships with and watched develop. I love you guys and I am profoundly grateful for all of the support over the past three years. It saddens me to leave, however, I must go where greater opportunity lies and right now that is with the University of Miami. I will miss you dearly, Panthers! Please keep in touch ➪ contact. Thanks for everything, FIU!

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Hello, ‘Canes!

Dear UM Family,

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching Cardio Kickboxing and Total Knockout classes at the University of Miami – Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center, beginning Spring 2019. A big thanks to the Assistant Director of Fitness for this opportunity! I’m looking forward to building new relationships and experiences! View my schedule ➪ group fitness classes and I’ll see you soon!

Cheers to a great year,


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