Holiday Fit Tips

You may be thinking…

Christmas is two days away, and you’re either flying out or your family is flying in. There is still a lot that needs to be taken care of and, perhaps, even more that needs to be done afterward. Who has time for fitness now?!

It’s easier to stay fit around the holidays than you may think.

1. Think Smaller

Instead of aiming for an hour workout, make time for a 15-minute circuit or a 10-minute jog and 5 minutes of stretching. While you may feel that it is not worth it, there is a lot that you can do for your body in a short time frame, such as boost your metabolism to help you burn more fat throughout the day. While you may not break a record during Christmas vacation, exercising for a mere 15 minutes each day can help ward off some extra pounds that you’d otherwise be packing.

2. Early Bird Gets the Worm

Get your workout in bright and early, before your family wakes up. A little extra effort to rise earlier than the pack will go a long way. You won’t have anything (or anyone) derailing your exercise plans later on because you would have taken care of it first.

3. Give It a Taste

If you feel any pressure from your family to eat what they’ve made for you that possibly has more calories in it than your total daily allowance, (a) don’t hurt their feelings by refusing the dish, and (b) don’t stuff yourself with fattening meals and treats your entire vacation, either. Instead, have a taste, “Mhhh…that’s so good. I am going to save some for later and really savor it.”

There is no need to wait until the new year to try and make healthy choices; start right now with these three simple tips!

What do you like most about the holidays? Share your comment below!

Published by KatSized

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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