Adidas Ultraboost Review

I remember doing some online shopping for workout clothes a couple of years ago and came across an advertisement for the New Adidas Ultraboost. The unique curves of the shoe caught my eye as the model in the video demonstrated the “responsive midsole cushioning”. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next and took off in a sprint. Several months later, I recalled the ad as I began to notice gym members with the same attractive shoes. I looked the shoes up on the Adidas website, read up on them, and did this over and over again, until I decided to finally make the online purchase! Was my $180 (plus shipping and tax) purchase worth it?


I love how they look! As I’ve mentioned, the curves of the shoe caught my eye. I bought a black and white pair; the black on black Adidas stripes and white sole goes with pretty much any of my workout outfits.


I’ve been buying men’s sneakers ever since I discovered that they fit wide feet better. The downside to the Adidas Ultraboost is that they are much more narrow than my other Adidas, even though I purchased the same size in men’s. Since it was an online order, my first time trying on the shoes was when they arrived at my home. They did not feel tight at first, but started to feel uncomfortably tight after having them on for a long day. I thought that maybe I needed to “break them in”, but two months later they still squeeze the sides of my feet.


Contrary to their tight fit, the Adidas Ultraboost feel great during a run! I am not a fan of road running. Give me the choice of concrete or turf, and I will choose turf every time! Unfortunately for me, concrete is practically everywhere, making a road run more convenient. To my delight, the Ultraboost made running on the road much more enjoyable! I did not feel the usual pounding as my feet struck the pavement.

The shoes’ grip is also exceptional! I’ve ran a 5K race (Honor Our Veterans 5K) with these shoes in the rain and didn’t experience any slipping or sliding.

I would not recommend these shoes for lifting weights because of the highly cushioned sole, but they are ideal for a comfortable run.

The Adidas Ultraboost look great and perform well, but are too narrow for my feet. I think the purchase would have been totally worth it, had they been wider. Adidas, please make a wider size of these!


Which are your favorite pair of running shoes? Please share below!

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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