I Workout Because…

Whether I’m dealing with stress from work, home, or (shamefully) internal stress that I create amongst myself, I can always count on a good workout for relief! When it’s over, I’m left wondering what I was so concerned about before I began.

I am sure many of you have come across the following quote scrolling through Instagram or ended up seeing it on a random site as you’ve idly searched the web:

“I workout because punching people is frowned upon.”

T-shirts are actually being sold with this popular saying! What gives? Well, I am sure we can all agree that even the most calm and collected individual experiences stress and anger at some point in time. It’s a part of being human! Although, I do believe that we all have different levels of tolerance for dealing with daily stressors. Regardless of how tolerant we are, once that threshold is met, anger emerges, and how we express this emotion can make you or break you! This is where sublimation comes into play, (and makes t-shirt merchants thrive)!

Sublimate: to divert the expression of an instinctual desire or impulse from its unacceptable form to one that is considered more socially or culturally acceptable. (Mermaid-Webster Dictionary).

Unlike popular belief that picturing someone you hate will boost one’s motivation as they swing away at a heavy bag, boxing actually allows me to practice control. I am constantly thinking about my foot placement, pivoting my feet, transferring my weight, rotating my hips, aligning my shoulders, tightening and releasing my grip, controlling my breathing, and so on. With all of that going on in my mind, there’s really no time for me to think about anyone I hate! I am entirely focused on myself when I box, or perform any other form of exercise. That is what I love about working out and why I do it! (Not to mention the physical benefits of a strong, lean body with consistency!)

Why do you workout?

Published by KatSized

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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