Mad Dogg Spinning Experience

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Mad Dogg World Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference 2018 that took place in my city, Miami, FL. This was my first time and I was anxious to see what the experience would be like!

Participants assembled from every state that you can think of! I learned that some of the volunteers, who I made friends with, flew in from New York, Colorado, Chicago, and a couple took a 4-hour drive down from Tampa, Florida. Many of them have been coming to this particular conference for years and look forward to the trip each time!

Meeting different kinds of people was probably the best part of the conference for me. One of the instructors who I met, ironically in the restroom, was friendly and delightful. I could see her love for Spinning® radiate as we chatted a bit about the conference. We exchanged business cards and hopefully we’ll reconnect soon. Go follow Marlyn on Instagram @marlyntrainerfit!

While I specialize in many different areas of group fitness, Spinning® is actually not one of them! So why go to a Spinning® conference then? First of all, it is more than Spinning®. Mad Dogg Athletics also owns Peak Pilates®, and their event partnered with Zumba®, Tabata Boot Camp™, YogaFit®, among other fitness leaders, making it a rather diverse event. I will not deny, however, that Spinning® was the main act! I came with the intent to step outside of my comfort zone, explore the unfamiliar, expand my skills, and network. When the weekend came to an end, I could say that I accomplished just that.

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A big thanks to Jenn, Volunteer Organizer, for giving me the opportunity to participate this year!

Have you ever attended a fitness conference? If so, please share something about your experience below!


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