End-of-Semester Stress

How has everyone’s semester turned out? For me, these past few months have been filled with rather undesirable surprises. It took a lot of unexpected turns. This is quite awful considering that I am the type of person who needs structure and order to keep their sanity! Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a bit. Not to say that I’d like for life to be predictable all of the time. I do enjoy spontaneity, and I live for problem solving! All that I am saying is that a girl could use a little assurance.

Change can be bad. Change removes us from our comfort zone. It breaks us from familiarity. It can mess with our flow. It may come unexpectedly, be intimidating, or even depressing. Change may require more effort, which, in turn, may cause difficulty and stress!

Change can be good. Change presents us with new opportunity. It pushes us to be better than before. It can help us progress when we are stagnant. Change may be just what we need to reach our goals, which, in turn, creates a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I tend to either eat something I shouldn’t, pump some iron, go for a run, or blast some music and dance my butt off! I am not recommending eating unhealthy by any means, but just keeping it real with you guys, I go for a burger, fries, and coke almost every Friday evening, after dealing with a long, stressful week…and oh is it satisfying! Also worth noting is that overtraining can be equally unhealthy for you as overeating. A good rule to live by: everything in moderation!

After I am done treating myself to a meal or a couple hours of sweat, I feel much better and then the constructive thought process begins. I evaluate what is causing my struggle by reflecting on my interactions with others, since my major life challenge has always been people-oriented, as opposed to task-oriented. I ask myself: What do they expect from me? What do I expect from them? What do I expect from myself? What is the best way to make it all happen?

Finally, I practice patience! I find that when I am patient, everything eventually falls into place, whereas, when I am impatient, I cause greater dilemma by creating friction between myself and others.

A healthy life is dependent on balance. I suppose without the hellish moments, we couldn’t appreciate the heavenly ones.

screen-shot-2015-04-28-at-121215594289.pngImage Source: “Stressed Out” 21 Pilots

How do you cope with change?

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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