Remembering The Famous Jett Jackson

Although he played adult roles later in his career, I remember his baby face and gorgeous set of honey brown eyes from the Disney channel’s, “The Famous Jett Jackson.” The actor whom I speak of is the late Lee Thompson Young, who was only 29 when he passed. Young was found dead in his apartment, the morning of August 19th, 2013, after failing to show up on set for the filming of the popular television program, “Rizzoli & Isles.” It was determined that his cause of death was a self-inflicted gun shot wound…but why would a young, successful actor kill himself?

Young’s mother, Velma Love, opened up to local WIS TV of Columbia, SC, (Young’s hometown), about a year after her son’s death. Love shared that her son was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as a teen. She described his illness as periods of sadness that would stabilize quickly.

This tragic loss for Young’s family, friends, co-workers, and fans, shows us that anyone, famous or not, white or black, woman or man, wealthy or poor, can suffer from a mental health disorder. Let us remember to be compassionate to our fellow human beings, regardless of how healthy or well-off they may appear. Lend an ear, empathize, and remind them that nothing is ever hopeless. As Velma Love expressed,

“Some of a person’s inner life, you really don’t know.”

R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young.

Do you have any advice to help those suffering from mental health problems? Comment below!



Lee Thompson Young Foundation


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