January Jumpstart: Tabata Training (Vol. II)

Hey guys! How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? If you missed the beginning of this series, Tabata Training (Vol. I), I’ve been posting a new tabata workout everyday on Instagram. Tabata is a fast, effective way to boost your metabolism and help you lose fat. Follow the instructions below and see your body transform! (Subscribe to my blog, if you aren’t already, for weekly recaps). 

Instructions: Do any of the following exercises for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, for a total of 8 rounds. You can repeat the same exercise each round or mix it up. Just remember 20 sec work, 10 sec rest 8xs. Good luck!

High Knees

Plank Jacks

Pop Squats

Lunge to Hop

Broad Jump


Plank Taps

Stay tuned for Volume 3!

Tabata Training

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