Brooks Ghost 7 Review

The Brooks Ghost 7 were the shoes that a local running store picked for me, after measuring my feet and observing my gait on the store’s treadmill. They did not feel too comfortable as I tried them out in the store. I bought them anyway because a) the other shoes that I tried on were even more uncomfortable, and b) the sales clerk explained that if I am used to a different type of cushioning, it may take some getting used to. An hour later and $120 shorter, I walked out with my new Brooks Ghost 7. I’ve heard so many wonderful things from runners about Brooks. Filled with anticipation, I couldn’t wait to see how ghost-like I would feel testing these babies out on the track for the first time!

The next day I completed my long-distance track workout which included running a steady paced 5K. My feet felt heavy and awkward as I planted them on the turf with each stride. By mile 2, I experienced shin splints. I slowed my pace and pushed through the last mile. When I was finally through, I stretched my legs, then dragged my feet off the track into my car.

I gave the shoes another shot the following week, on a paved path through an old park, close to my neighborhood. I don’t usually run on pavement to avoid high impact on my knees. Instead, I usually rollerblade through the park and enjoy the water, ducks, squirrels, trees and other greenery. Due to the heaviness of the shoe, I felt that they may serve better as road running shoes. To my dismay, I called it quits after 1 mile on the path. This time, however, shin splints weren’t the issue – it was now my knee.

Having exceeded the return policy’s time for exchange, I currently pair my Brooks with my purple and grey weight lifting outfits for the gym, as I will not be taking the highly recommended running shoes out for a run ever again.

Which are your favorite running shoes and why?

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2 thoughts on “Brooks Ghost 7 Review

  1. Oh dear!

    I have a pair of Ghost 7 as my current dry road shoes. I got them because I previously had a pair of Ghost 6, which I got for free when I was awarded “parkrunner of the month” at my local parkrun a couple of years ago. The Ghost 6 were great.

    Strangely, the Ghost 7 appeared to start off well, but they seem to have made my runs heavier as the mile mounted up. I usually get around 1000 km out of a pair of shoes, but a running coach recently told me that I should expect to get 500-600 km. So I am well over the limit with 850 km on these Ghost 7.

    Time for a change!

    But to what?

    There is so much to select from. I know that I over-pronate, and I like a bit of cushioning and support. One of my best running buddies swears that he will never buy anything other than Adidas Ultraboost, but other friends swear by their own preferred brands. Even the Ultraboosts conuse me. There are Ultraboost and Ultraboost ST. Nowhere can I find an explanation of the difference between the two. Even the price is the same. What is the meaning of “ST”?

    Then there is the advice in reviews to always go for half a size bigger than your normal shoe in certain brands. I am reluctant to follow that advice as I don’t want my toes to be hammering against the end of the shoe. That is why my buddy’s statement that his Ultraboosts fit like a glove appeals to me. But is that normal size or half a size over? I need to ask him.

    It is all so confusing!


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