Throwback Thursday: Gilad

How many of you remember waking up in the 90’s to beautiful Hawaiian beaches and the lovable Israeli accent that got you through a 30-minute sweat session?

Gilad Janklowicz is a fitness icon best known for his TV fitness shows “Bodies in Motion”, “Basic Training the Workout” and “Total Body Sculpt with Gilad” and his gold and platinum instructional home fitness DVDs and videos that followed. Although we may not have been able to go to Hawaii with Gilad, we certainly enjoyed the view of the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands where the filming took place.

“Bodies in Motion” was the first fitness show to air on ESPN, and held a strong eleven-year run from 1985 to 1996. Since then, the show has aired on Fox Sports, The Health Network, and Fit TV, making it the longest running fitness show in the US.

Even with success of his long-running 90’s programs, Gilad continues to develop new material. The most recent is his cross-training abs series, “Lord of the Abs”, released in 2011. Gilad also keeps busy these days hosting fitness camps in none other than his fitness career’s home, Hawaii.


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