Nike Flex Review

Great for running, but beware!

I own two pairs of Nike Flex, the redish color and the blue as you see above. These are comfortable running shoes, but try using them for anything but running and they may just leave your feet in pain!

It’s important, when looking for athletic shoes, that you pay attention to which activity the shoe is designed for. Sometimes you can get away with using running shoes for one tennis game here, shooting some hoops there, (depending on your health and how intense you play), but running shoes are made for forward strides. They are not made for lateral movements, or quick changes in direction, as you’ll find in sports like tennis and basketball.

When I was on my Vegas trip (read about it in my previous entry, Birthday in Vegas) I packed light, taking only one pair of sneakers – my blue Nike Flex. I did some running on my trip and I felt fine, however, it wasn’t until after I took my sister’s Zumba class that I felt foot pain. The ball of my foot was tender and throbbing. My Nike Flex feel light, flexible, and comfortable when running. Although for classes like Zumba that has lots of twisting and turning, the soft, flexible sole was simply not enough. Instead, I’d recommend cross trainers with air on the bottom or some type of extra cushioning. With a little ice and rest, my foot was back to normal within a couple of days.

Be sure to examine your footwear whenever you experience foot pain. Changing the type of shoe just may save your feet!

Happy feet! Happy training! 🙂

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