Celebrate YOU

You’re awesome, and you know it! You’re so self-disciplined that you eat well 99.9% of the time and workout religiously. You take good care of yourself. Your physique is so on point that you’re practically a distraction to the rest of the gym. You’re charming, likeable, high-maintenance. You will only settle for the best car, friends just as successful, and a gorgeous partner others can only dream of having. You know how to get what you want. You know your strengths and never miss an opportunity to use them to your advantage. You know you wouldn’t get as far as you are today otherwise.

If this describes you, this post is NOT for you!

You’re awesome, but would never say so! You’re so unselfish that you put others first 99.9% of the time. You’re humble, considerate, compassionate, warm-hearted. You’re a giver, not a taker. You’re an individual who works so incredibly hard for others that you often forget to take care of yourself. Maybe you run out of time, energy, or fail to see the benefit in doing things for only yourself, when you could be doing things for the team. You can feel slightly overwhelmed, and vastly under appreciated.

If the latter describes you, then this post IS for you!

It’s about time that you take some time for YOU! If not today, sometime this week! Do whatever makes YOU happy! Do what fulfills YOU! If you can’t seem to wiggle away from kids, family, or other dependents for a day, bring them along, but make sure the activity focuses on YOU and do not sacrifice your wants and needs this time around! Remember you can go back to your regular scheduled programming tomorrow! Make this time about YOU, for YOU!

I treated myself to a relaxing spa day. I spent the day with my sister who was visiting from out-of-town. Nonetheless, I took care of myself the way that I needed to, as did she. As we each laid on our massage beds, we celebrated ourselves together, yet separately. It was just what the doctor ordered! We rejoined, following our massages, feeling rejuvenated.

You need it! You’ve earned it! You deserve it! Don’t wait for others’ recognition! Reward yourself for being the awesome person you are! Go ahead and celebrate YOU!

How will you celebrate you? Will you share your time or will you retreat alone? Will you shoot some hoops? Will you read a book? Will you take your dog to the park? Will you go for a bike ride? Will you indulge in a spa day like me? Please share. I’d love to hear how you celebrate YOU!

Lounging on the terrace after my massage.

Published by KatSized

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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