Spring Forward!


Today isn’t such a big deal for the many who sleep in any way on a Sunday, but today I woke at 7:00AM for work. Thank goodness for smart phones! Today we “lost” an hour, nevertheless, I am enthused about this week and the following weeks to come. First, let me update you on the happenings over the last couple of months…


miami beach hotelsI left LA Fitness to pursue bigger opportunites with Spa and Fitness among hospitality and private clientele. In addition, I switched hotels and I’m currently working hard at learning a new system, a new work flow, a new boss, a new set of staff members, a new set of clientele, and overall, adapting to my new environment. I’m finally off of probation, so yay! I did it! They liked me and decided to keep me! Things are much busier for me here, which can have its pros and cons, but ultimately, I prefer busy than slow because I like to feel productive!


Fast forward…back to Spring happenings. March is Global Nutrition Month and to participate I am volunteering weekly Cardio Kickboxing classes at my job for all employees. It’s a conveneint way for the hotel staff to get in shape, plus it’s benefitting to me. I’m able to show others what I can do and how I can help them, and in turn, gain clients who want to progress further. It’s a win, win! There will be many more great things to follow. Stay tuned! 😉

green and red healthy food

How are you participating in Global Nutrition Month?

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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