How To Be A Better Me (AKA My Weekly Goals) Part II

Two weeks ago, I posted Part 1 of How To Be A Better Me. Since then, I have renewed my CPR certification, taken two instructor’s group fitness classes, updated my music, and completed 4 yoga sessions. I really would like to get up to 5 sessions per week, but when I can’t fit in a whole hour, I will take a few minutes to practice a sequence on my own.

Thanksgiving week was a bit hectic, therefore, I really didn’t have much time for new goal settings. So without further adieu here are my goals for the week…

wireless mic

1. Start saving up money for a wireless mic.

Some of the gyms I work at provided microphones for the group fitness instructors, however, these days if they’re not missing in action, then they’re not working properly. I would save myself so much hassle if I had my own. I know my voice is not the strongest and my students would appreciate a mic.

no salt2. Cut back on my salt intake.

Lately, I’ve been eating high sodium meals. Possibly due to the past Thanksgiving week. Tons of seasoning and plenty leftovers for the weekend. Excessive sodium intake may lead to bloating and high blood pressure, so it’s important that we don’t consume too much salt.

thank you3. Show my appreciation.

This past month I’ve called on a few old friends and acquaintances from previous jobs to help with a transition that meant a lot to me. I’ve given them my thanks, and I am going to make it a point to continue to show appreciation to everyone in my life for supporting me and making what I do possible.

What are some of the goals that you’ve set for yourself this week?

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