Thanksgiving Punishment!

Thanksgiving is a time for family to join together, give thanks, and who can forget the harvest part of this holiday?! It’s a big day to eat and chances are that you will put on a few pounds! If you’re uninterested, like many, in counting calories on this festive day, I have some exercises, or punishments as I’d like to call them [evil smile], for each of your indulgences.


Gravy – Goblet Squats (targets: legs & glutes – buttocks)

goblet squat and gravy


Ice Cream – Inchworm (targets: abs, shoulders)

ice cream inchworm


Vanilla Pound Cake – V-Sit (targets: abs)

vanilla pound cake_v-sit


Egg Bread – External Rotation (targets: shoulders)

external rotation and eggbread


Turkey – Triceps Extensions (targets: triceps – back of arms)

triceps extension and turkey


Ham – Hamstrings Curl (targets: hamstrings – back of thighs)

honey glazed ham_hamstrings curl


Apple Pie – Air Bike (targets: abs)

apple pie_air bike


Nutmeg Cheesecake – Narrow Push-up (targets: chest, triceps, & shoulders)

nutmeg cheesecake_narrow push up


Key Lime Pie – Knee Tucks (targets: legs & abs)

key lime pie_knee tuck


Sweet Potato Pie – Step-up (targets: legs & glutes)

step up and sweet potato pie

If you choose to pig out, you’ve got to workout!


Happy Thanksgiving!

*Please note that these exercises alone do not burn off all of the calories from the dishes, but rather rev up your metabolism to help burn fat. Question? Reply below or email me.

Safety Briefing


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