Lifeguard Tower Run

Since working on Miami Beach, (check out my article Fitness, Luxury, and South Beach on the new job), I’ve had the pleasure of working out on the beach at my convenience. If you’re a runner and have never done a deep sand run, I urge you to go ahead and give it a try the next time you visit a beach. It makes your run that more challenging! Running on a flat terrain afterward will feel like gliding! 😉

If you don’t mind running with a smartphone strapped on to your arm, use a running app to calculate the distance, but if you’re like me and like to run freely – no shoes, no phone, no iPod, no distractions – take in the scenery, listen to the waves crash, the caw of the seagulls, capture the alluring lights of the hotels, and leave the phone behind! Track your distance with uniquely designed lifeguard towers to keep you motivated along your beach run!

Get to Know Your Surroundings

  • Each tower has the street number painted on it facing the opposite side of the ocean.
  • According to my odometer, the distance between 8 streets on Ocean Drive (parallel to the beach) is 1 mile, so I came up with the ratio 1:8. That’s one mile (mi) per 8 streets (st).
  • Example: Say you started at the 5th St tower and ran to the 17th St tower. You ran a distance of 12 streets, but how much is that in miles? Calculate (1mi/8st) x (amount of streets ran) = distance ran in miles. You will get (1mi/8st) x (12 streets) = 1.5 miles. If you were to run to the 17th St tower and back to 5th St tower, you would have ran 3 miles, etc. Keep in mind that you won’t run perfectly in line  due to the following: 1) the coast is not a straight line, 2) the uneven sand will cause you to veer left/right throughout the run, and 3) there will occasionally be obstacles like lounge chairs, soda cans, and sun bathers who you’ll need to go around, which actually makes for a more intense run. Furthermore, you are likely to end up running (slightly) more than the distance calculated by using my method.
  • Once you’ve done enough runs along Miami Beach, you’ll get to know where you are by the design of the lifeguard tower, and will no longer need to look for the street number.

And now for the schedule…

Run 2 – 3 times a week as follows:

Week 1

Run for distance. Go as far as you can, saving just enough energy for the run back.

Week 2

Cut your run in half and alternate sprinting and jogging in between towers. *Beginners, alternate jogging and walking.

Week 3

Do long distance run (week 1) and 20 wall push-ups at each tower. *Beginners, aim for 10 wall push-ups.

Week 4

Cut your run in half again, only this time, sprint to every tower and do 40 wall push-ups at each tower. *Beginners, jog to every tower and aim for 20 wall push-ups.


Keep in mind that the Florida sun can dehydrate you faster than you can get to a bottle of water! It’s in your best interest to stick to sunrise and sunset runs, or as close to those times as possible. Check out my links below to quench your thirst! Happy running!

What’s the best workout drink?

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Safety Briefing

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