How to Avoid People at the Gym!

Whether you’re an avid gym-goer (aka gym rat) who takes your workouts seriously, or just an extremely busy person, we’ve all had our days where we just need to dodge a person or two in order to get our workout done! Some days you just want to get in and get out of the gym and you don’t want to be caught by someone who’ll hold you back. So if you find yourself in that “I’ve got places to go…people to see!” type mood, here are some tips on how to get through it.

How to Avoid People at the Gym:

That pestering friend who doesn’t have a clue of what they’re doing, yet wants to work out with you and complain about every exercise, walks over to you, greets you and asks what you’re working out today. Reverse the question on them. Ask them what they’re doing, then say the opposite. If they’re working out upper body, you’re doing lower body. If they say they’re doing cardio, you’re doing strength training. Once they go away, do whatever it is you really planned on working out, but try to start off in an area of the gym that they’re not. They’ll be watching and at this point, you just have to do your best at avoiding eye contact!

If they are the persistent type and changed their regimen to match yours, simply throw in that you’re going to run a ridiculous amount of miles first to warm up! See what they say then. It’s probably going to be something like, “Okay then I’ll catch up with you later.” Once you’re done with your 5-10 minute jog as your real warm up, pat yourself on the back and proceed with your workout.

Finally, if the first two suggestions some how didn’t get rid of your tag-a-long, or maybe you want to speed up the rejection process, simply invest in the right set of headphones…

headphones say it for you

Ladies, they also block creepy men from hitting on you while you’re trying to workout!! ;D

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