HIIT the Beach: 4-minute Cardio Workout!


jumping jacks on beach

Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds.

push ups on beach

Push Ups for 10 seconds.

jump squats on beach

Jump/Plyo Squats for 20 seconds.

squats on beach

(Traditional) Squats for 10 seconds.

high knees on beach

High Knees for 20 seconds.

sumo squat on beach

Sumo Squats for 10 seconds.

switch lunges on beach

Switch/Plyo Lunges for 20 seconds.

lunges on beach

Alternating Lunges for 10 seconds.

mountain climbers on beach

Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds.

plank on beach

Plank for 10 seconds.

crunches on beach

Crunches for 20 seconds.

v sit on beach

V-Sit for 10 seconds.

side plank crunches on beach

Side Plank Crunches for 20 seconds.

side plank on beach

Side Plank Hold for 10 seconds.

Switch to other side and perform Side Plank Crunches for 20 seconds and Side Plank hold for 10 seconds.

4 minutes complete!!!!!

It’s fun in the sun, but you can do this workout anywhere! 🙂

Safety Briefing

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