Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Fitness Class

As a group fitness instructor, I am expected to simultaneously please anywhere from 3 – 50 participants on a daily basis. It’s only natural that not everyone will share the same expectations. Some people will love and appreciate what you do, while others will constantly critique your every move. I’ve recently taken over some classes from other instructors and ran into some rather aggressive patrons. These classes are for you, not me, therefore, I encourage feedback! It is the way in which one delivers feedback is what I feel needs to be addressed. Thank you for those of you who have welcomed me and been willing to try something new. As for the rest, I’m sorry that it hasn’t been a smooth transition for you.

I’ve arranged a list of some do’s and don’ts on safety and etiquette to help make a group fitness class run smoothly for everyone! (Please do not take offense if you have done any of these things. We are constantly learning and growing each day. Let’s be positive and move forward. Feel free to leave your comments below).

DON’T leave early unless you have an emergency. It can be disruptive to the rest of the class as you’re packing up your equipment to leave.

DO mention to the instructor, before class, if you must leave early, and set up your equipment in the back, not in front of others.

DON’T carry on your own conversation with your buddy during class or answer your phone.

DO hoot, holler, and shout to show spirit! Step outside if you must take a phone call.

DON’T make demands.

DO make requests (before/after class).

DON’T just stand there if a particular exercise is too difficult for you.

DO modify exercises. I personally give options to my class to bring the intensity up or down. Use them as needed!

DON’T continue exercising if you feel dizzy, faint, or experience any nausea.

DO ask for help immediately if you feel sick during the class.

DON’T sit down (unless instructed to) if you feel fatigued. This may cause cramping among other things.

DO pause for a brief water break, stretch, or march in place anytime you feel dehydrated, cramps, or fatigued.

DON’T leave it up to the next class or staff to put away equipment that you brought out.

DO be a team player by wiping down the equipment you used and place it back at the end of class.


Thanks for reading! Check out some hilarious INSTRUCTOR don’ts at

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