Fitness, Luxury, and South Beach

First of all, I hope that all of the mothers had a special mother’s day! I have no children…two cats…does that count? ^_^ I started my day off by teaching my usual Sunday morning class at LA Fitness. The attendance was a little lower than the norm, but I have to say that I was expecting worse. For the moms that didn’t let a holiday stop them from their workout, good job! Knowing that my mother’s brothers and sisters were going to scoop her up and take her out to dinner when I would be at work, I baked her a cake before – fudge chocolate cake with chocolate chips, nuts, and cream cheese icing. Nothing healthy about that, and yes, I did have some later, but there’s nothing wrong with some cake once in a while. Moderation is key! So I missed out on dinner and spending the majority of the day with my mom because of work, which is why I have yet to post May’s Ambition. Sorry for the delay. It’ll be posted soon. Before I go to bed tonight, I’ll quickly share a bit about this new job that I am actually very excited about! In addition to LA Fitness, I’m now working at the Spa and Fitness Center for a luxury hotel on South Beach. It is rated as one of Florida’s sexiest hotels by the Travel Channel, as well as, one of the best new hotels in the world on the Traveler Magazine’s Hot List.

Perks to working at a luxury hotel on South Beach:

10. Everything always smells so nice!

9. Full-length mirrors in almost every corner so you always look your best.

8. Yummy peppermint candies and chocolates.

7. Chlorophyll water to hydrate and cleanse your body.

6. Rich, scented lotion in the bathrooms so you can leave yours at home.

5.  Fresh towels are a phone call away.

4. Price is never an issue for clients.

3. Clients tend to be happier because they are on vacation!

2. I get to meet people from all across the world and say, “Cheers!”

1. Yoga and other fitness classes are held outside, right on the beach.

Good night and happy mother’s day!

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

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