I wish I was as thin as I actually was, back when I thought I was fat!

As I approach my 30’s, my metabolism is becoming slower, thus making it more and more difficult to maintain my athletic physique, which was once so easily kept as a teen. I recall skipping breakfast, and for lunch, eating a pack of mini powdered donuts with a carton of chocolate milk as my daily habit. I was, of course, doing an hour and a half of cheerleading practice three times a week and two hours of ballet five times a week, as well. At the time, however, I didn’t consider myself to be thin, slim or at a good weight. Maybe it was from growing up around ballerina bodies, when I was built a bit more shapely. Shapely, yet slim I was, and I took it for granted!

Needless to say, as a woman in her late 20’s, I cannot eat the way I used to and maintain my shapely, yet slim physique. As I began to assume more and more responsibilities in life, time became more limited, energy became more limited, and stress was surfacing more than ever! I was a victim of the freshman 15. You know the freshman 15? That’s when college students gain roughly 15 pounds their freshman year. Yes, I was a victim. Yikes! Going from intense dance training, cheerleading practice, and seasonal track and swim team practice to walking across campus from one class to the next as my sole form of exercise, it’s no wonder how I put on the pounds, now is it?!

After I made up my mind that I needed to stop shopping for bigger sized jeans, and lose weight instead, I made time for the gym. My studies were always important to me, I just knew that I needed to set aside at least an hour from my day to exercise, because after all, my health should be just as important as my education.

I lost the extra pounds that I wanted to and was doing well, but then I hit a bump when I started working. I managed to overcome it, though, and balanced a healthy lifestyle once again. I admit that starting a new job or being accustomed to working a certain way then having to change your daily routine is challenging, but as long as you are willing to let go of all the excuses and discipline yourself, your body will adapt and it will become easier! Wanting something bad enough is key!

Today I am a fitness trainer/instructor and I love what I do. I genuinely enjoy exercising, teaching, and helping others. Without a doubt, everyone’s life is different. Although I am currently in the fitness profession, I can relate to once not having much time to spend working out. Just remember that not all of your workouts have to be long and intense. Something is better than nothing! Schedule them in as best as you can because your health should be a priority!

Be sure to follow my blog to stay up-to-date on my fitness articles. Thanks for reading and good luck in achieving your goals!

Published by KatSized

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor from Miami, FL

4 thoughts on “I wish I was as thin as I actually was, back when I thought I was fat!

  1. I love your blog. I love the idea that you are trying to help people through your blog by sharing your knowledge. I think that it is critical that knowledge is shared. You learn from sharing too! Keep up the good work!


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