Banish Back Fat with The Oscar Dress Workout!

Last night The Oscars was filled with stars in gorgeous, strapless gowns…

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Stunning, aren’t they? Let’s face it. There’s no hiding back fat in a strapless gown! If you want to go strapless (and pashmina free), continue reading below and wave goodbye to back fat!

Instructions: Start with your choice of cardio, follow with 1. lat pull down (or pull up bar, if you don’t have access to a lat machine), 2. row, and 3. y-raise. Do each exercise to failure, that is, do as many repetitions as possible. Be sure not to cheat yourself and really do as many as you can before moving on to the next exercise!

Lat Pull Downlat pull down

Sitting upright, facing the lat pull down machine, grasp bar underhand and shoulder-width apart. Without leaning forward or backward, pull bar directly down to your collar bone, then return bar to start. *This exercise can be substituted with pull-ups. Have someone assist you, if you can’t do a pull-up on your own.


Back Row on bench

Stand to the right of bench. Place left knee and left hand down on bench. Pick up weight with right hand, let arm hang, square shoulders with bench and keep back flat. This is your starting position. Pull elbow up until the weight is just below your ribs, then lower back down.

Y Raise on Swiss/Stability Ball

Swiss Ball Y Raise

Lay on top of ball so that it is directly under your mid-section. Extend legs straight out, balance on toes, and slightly separate feet. Position hands diagonally between the line of your shoulders and head, lift arms up until they are in line with the rest of your body, then lower back down.

Happy going strapless!

On a side note…
Anne Hathaway

Congrats to Anne Hathaway on her first Oscar! Well deserved!


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