Increase Flexibility

Stretching before a workout can loosen up muscles and increase ROM (range of motion) to help prevent injury during your sport or activity. In addition, stretching throughout the day (even when you’re not about to workout) will help prevent your muscles from getting tight.

When do I stretch?

  • When you wake up.
  • Before you go to sleep.
  • After sitting at your desk for a long period of time.
  • Before a workout.
  • After a workout.

Where do I stretch?

  • At the gym. Grab a mat and find a spot where there isn’t a lot of traffic and do your thing!
  • Bath tub or shower (seated to avoid slipping and falling).
  • At your desk or even in the bathroom if you need privacy at work.
  • In bed.
  • In front of the TV.
  • And just about anywhere else where you feel comfortable!

How do I stretch?

  • Gently reach or extend to a point where you feel slight discomfort and hold.
  • Continue to breathe normally. Never hold your breath!
  • Try to relax your body as much as possible.
  • After holding for 20 to 30 seconds, release.
  • Repeat; only this time try to extend a little further.
  • If you’re feeling frisky, go for a third time!

Keep this up daily and you will start to see your flexibility increase!

Upper Body Stretches

Lower Body Stretches

Non Weight Bearing Stretches for Knee Pain

*Please do not attempt to stretch injured areas, without consulting a physician first, as injuries need to be treated with individual care. Safety Briefing


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