I’m Kat, Certified Fitness Trainer from the sexiest city in the world, Miami! Boot Camp, Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates, Step Aerobics, and Weight Training are my specialties. I grew up as a dancer, having taken ballet, modern, and jazz classes for over 10 years. Among those years, I also competed nationally with my cheerleading squad and participated in my school’s track and swimming teams. I went on to study Health Sciences at Florida International University. At the beginning of my college years, I went through a major lifestyle transition leaving sports behind. Being that I love to eat, it didn’t take long until I started gaining fat, losing muscle, and worst of all, losing energy. I made the decision to turn my lifestyle back around and began to develop myself, first with weight training. My schedule was much different, however. I didn’t have as much free time to participate in sports as I did before. Therefore, I joined in on group fitness classes offered by the gym that last 1 hour, as compared to 2-3 hours of sports team practice. I grew to like the gym classes more and more and developed friendships with gym members and staff. With a little bit of a confidence boost from my fitness friends, I started training to become a group fitness instructor. Before I knew it I was teaching aerobics classes and studying to become a Personal Fitness Trainer, which leads me to where I am today. Now I can say that I love what I do. Not only do I receive tons of gratitude in this profession, but I learn from it as well. I look forward to learning and growing each day. Furthermore, I’m willing to take on challenges, knowing that overcoming them will make me a stronger individual. Thanks for checking out my site!

Be fit, live well,



14 thoughts on “Bio

  1. You sound great! I honestly hope to one day be as accomplished in fitness as you are starting with getting personal-training certified. (One day. *fingers crossed*) I’m glad you’re so happy doing what you’re doing, and it just makes me love the fitness profession even more, because it’s full of motivated and motivational people like yourself.

    Pura vida!

    – Katelyn


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